Stuff I use on a daily basis





  • Monstera Deliciosa

    Name one designer that doesn't own this beauty.

  • Pilea Peperomioides

    Wonderfully quirky.

  • Dracaena Surculosa

    Stands tall and proud.

  • Calathea Orbifolia

    A real show-er.

  • Maranta Leuconeura Kerchoveana

    Because short names are boring.

  • Aloë Vera

    Good for the skin and the mind.

  • Epipremnum Aureum

    Hangs around.

  • Peperomia

    Like a head full of curls.


The type of clients I typically work with are risk takers; not afraid to break the mold. They want to show the world what they've got. I don't do cookie-cutter stuff. Where others swim, I dive deeper. Let's work together. Serious offers only.