More and more startups and established businesses are switching their software products to a subscription model. From a business standpoint this is a good thing — it’s lucrative, infinitely scalable and all-round more profitable than a single purchase. But it might kill your business in a few years. Let me tell you why.

“But isn’t the point of a business to make money?”

As mentioned, subscription models are very profitable. But as a business owner and a human, you have to balance your own benefits and those of the bigger whole.

Take this scenario:

It’s the year 2025. You’re a person with a middle class income, and after all your food, taxes and healthcare costs, you’re left with X amount of money to live. You’re subscribed to Netflix, and listen to music with Spotify. You’re alright with spending a couple of bucks a month for this convenience.

That one app you purchased a few years back switches to a subscription model. Alright. No big deal. Then that

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